Zambia Trade Marks

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ARIPO Patents, Trade Marks & Designs

Zambia Trade Marks

Zambia only recognises the first 34 (goods) classes. Multi-class applications are also not allowed. In terms of the Paris Convention, applicants may claim priority from a foreign trade mark application filed within 6 months preceding the Zambian trade mark application. 

Filing Requirements

  •  Full name, street address and description of the applicant (including trading style, if any, and state/ country of incorporation, if incorporated).
  • List of goods and/ or services.
  • A simply signed power of attorney.
  • If priority is claimed: a certified copy of basic application.


  • Only the first 34 goods classes of the International Classification are followed.
  • Multiclass - No


  • Duration: 7 years from date of application and renewable for further periods of 14 years.
  • Duration if priority claimed: 7 years from priority date and renewable from further periods of 14 years.
  • Use: If a mark has not been used for a continuous period of 5 years, it can be removed.
  • Marking: Not necessary.
  • Licenses: Permitted.
  • Collective marks: Registrable.
  • Assignments of applications are permitted.
  • Searches are Not recommended due to inaccuracy of the records as well as extreme time delays in receiving results from Trade Marks Office.

General Prosecution Information

The trade mark application is examined to ensure compliance with all formal requirements and also to ensure that there is no prior conflicting trade mark on the register. The registry will issue an official action if there are further requirements or objections.