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Galloway & Co was founded in 1963 and has been present in Harare, Zimbabwe ever since. It is presently located within walking distance of the ARIPO office. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe and the seat of the African Regional Intellectual Property Office (ARIPO) where all ARIPO applications are processed, examined, and granted thereby to obtain protection in all ARIPO contracting states for Patents and Trade Marks respectively.

In 1984 Galloway & Co was the first firm to file an ARIPO patent application viz. AP/P/84/00001 which was filed in the name of E.H.W. von Elling and granted as ARIPO patent AP2. Galloway & Co was also the first firm to have an ARIPO patent application proceed to grant viz. AP/P/84/00003 which was filed in the name of The Wellcome Foundation Ltd and granted as ARIPO patent AP1.

Since those early days of ARIPO, Galloway & Co has developed a rapport with ARIPO and is a well-respected firm which has an excellent record of representing major multinationals in the filing and prosecuting of applications before ARIPO.

Galloway & Co is furthermore the only firm in Harare which can boast having the support of both technically and legally qualified staff, trained both locally and abroad, thereby further ensuring that all applications are dealt with expertly with respect to both formal and substantive issues and that we are able to advise clients fully on the prosecution of applications.

We have an offices in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and the Republic of South Africa and are undoubtedly unmatched in our ability to assist you in all matters relating to Patents, Designs and Trade Marks in these regions and the rest of Africa.